A new and revolutionary brand in the fitness industry, RECON is excited to announce the launch of our professional quality equipment. Our focus is to design, develop and produce the highest quality strength and fitness equipment using only exceptional materials, with our passion being channelled into specifically crafting every item in our range.

RECON is currently in the process of development and testing of our expanding product range of free weights and strength equipment, with new additions to be released later this year. Every product is vigorously tested to meet our exacting standards. We also have new products that are being manufactured in Australia, using locally sourced materials.

Premium Quality

Crafted from superior materials and innovative designs, with unrivalled attention to detail and quality RECON is producing world class equipment. Our MILITARY Flat Bench has been manufactured to meet international powerlifting specifications and is made right here in Australia so that you can be sure you are getting the best available on the market.

Specialists In Gym Flooring

RECON flooring and installation deliver the best flooring in Australia. With the combination of our ASTROTRACKS, in-lay deadlift platforms and innovative FLEXLOCK flooring, we pride ourselves on having leading products designed to equip your gym with a floor that will protect, perform and outlast all others.

FLEXLOCK is the new era in flooring. Extreme impact absorbent providing complete protection for equipment, prolonging the life of expensive weights and bumper plates which are frequently dropped. Our FLEXLOCK tiles are designed to significantly minimise shock and vibrations to the original floor and the surrounding building. FLEXLOCK is the next level in gym flooring with rubber tiles ranging from 20mm-50mm, offering higher shock absorption to meet any acoustic requirement, which is paramount in residential and office buildings. Nontoxic, no odour, 100% recycled rubber the ultimate ecofriendly flooring.

For At Home Or Commercial Use

Whether you are a professional athlete or at-home fitness fanatic, RECON guarantees to provide everyone with highest quality fitness and strength equipment. Achieve your fitness goals with RECON and experience next-level strength with performance crafted equipment.

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Contact Us

For a personalised consultation with a member of our specialist team to discuss the best products to suit your gym needs. We also offer on-site consultations with our experts so that we can create a flooring solution with you.

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