Product Warranty


RECON offers a full Limited Warranty to all goods supplied.

All equipment warranted by RECON is covered against defects in material and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.

The warranty applies to the original purchaser and the warranty period starts from the date of installation.

Please note it is the purchaser’s responsibility to maintain all equipment after purchase and lack of maintenance will be deemed as wear and tear.

During the warranty period RECON will, at no additional charge to you, repair or replace (at RECON’s option), the frame or any part of the product if it becomes defective, malfunctions, or otherwise fails to conform with this Limited Warranty under normal use. Any labour cost is the responsibility of the original purchaser. If a Product requires shipment, delivery or transport it is the purchaser’s sole responsibility and to pay for any fees associated with servicing of the Product. Any evidence of alteration, erasing or forgery of proof-of-purchase documents voids this Limited Warranty.

Cardio Equipment
All Xebex cardio equipment is covered by a 2-year warranty period for spare parts and a 5-year warranty period for
the frames.

Xebex Air Plus Runner
Xebex Air Plus Expert Bike 2.0
Xebex Rower 2.0
Xebex Air Cycle
Xebex Ski Erg with floor stand

All cardio equipment is subject to the manufacturer’s warranty terms. Warranty claims can be processed directly with RECON.

*Shipping and labour costs are not covered.

Custom power rack (Australian made)
• All structural frames and welds come with a 10-year warranty period.
• Cables and pulleys have a 2-year warranty period.
• Upholstery has a 6-month warranty period.

Flooring products
• FLEXLOCK tiles have a 3-year warranty period.
• ASTROTRACKS have a 3-year warranty period.

• Olympic hex trap bar has a 2-year warranty period on bearings and 5 years on structural.
• 15kg Olympic bar has a 2-year warranty period on bearings and 5 years on structural.

Free weights
• Weight Plates have a 2-year warranty period.
• Kettlebells have a 2-year warranty period.
• Rubber hex Dumbbells have a 1-year warranty period.
• Slam balls have a 1-year warranty period.

Strength equipment
• Incline bench has a 2-year warranty period on components (adjustment knob), 5 years structural and 6-
months warranty period on upholstery.
• Core trainer land mine has a 2-year warranty period on components (locking mechanism), and 5-years on

• Aqua training bag has a 2-year warranty period. There is no warranty period on the printed logo on the bag.
• 12oz boxing gloves have a 6-month warranty period.
• Boxing focus pads have a 6-month warranty period.
• Inner gloves have a 3-month warranty period.
Functional equipment
All functional equipment, per the below, is covered by a 2-year warranty period.
• Battle rope.
• Foam agility hurdle.
• Plyometric foam stacker boxes.
• Plyometric metal.
• Tower sled.
• Slant board.
• Easy lock collar clips.
• Barbell holder has a 3-year warranty period.
• Matt hanger has a 1-year warranty period.

All accessories, per the below, are covered by a 6-month warranty period.
• Knitted resistance bands.
• Full power resistance bands.
• TRX.
• Marker cones.
• Work out matts.
• Gliding disc.
• Foam roller.
• Exercise matts.
• Rubber rollout agility ladder.
• Barbell pad.
• Custom station marker pack.
Warranty does not cover:
• Lack of maintenance.
• Anything that is considered wear and tear.
• Misuse or neglect of products.
• Vandalism to equipment.
• Damage to any products that have been used on inappropriate flooring, such as concrete, wood or any other hard
surfaces. RECON highly recommends the use of FLEXLOCK flooring in all areas where free weights are used.

• Damage caused by Olympic style lifting to weight plates that have not been used on suitable flooring suggested by RECON.
• Products being dropped on unsuitable surfaces.
• Any damage caused by dropping or throwing any products not designed for this purpose.
• Any issues caused by stickers, badges or end caps applied by purchaser.
• Damage resulting from any other products (not supplied by RECON), that have been used in connection with our
products, such as storage racks not suited to RECON dumbbells, or other simple examples.
• Incorrect methods of cleaning.
• Damage caused by any chemicals / cleanings products not recommended.
• If the product has not been used for its original purpose.
• Products being used outdoors and subject to weather conditions.
• Injury or damaged caused by poor technique or knowledge whilst using the product.
• Storage of barbells being weight loaded which may cause the bar to bend.
• Exceeding the product load ratings.
• Sharp objects being in contact with flooring parts.
• Abrasion due to use of inappropriate footwear or sports equipment.,
• Damage caused by flooding or acts of mother nature.

Warranty claim
Any warranty claim will be a priority to our service team and will be rectified ASAP. Customer care and
high-quality service are cornerstones to our company and our reputation.
Warranty claims can be processed through our website ( where we offer franchise support. There you will find a live chat service where you can talk directly to a member of our team for any queries, advice or information regarding any of the equipment. On our support page you can find an online warranty claim / fault reporting form which is sent directly to our service
department. Additionally, our service department can also be contacted by email at