About Recon Strength & Fitness

Strength from Within


RECON is the brainchild of brothers, Miles & Max Fullalove.

Miles & Max have had a lifelong passion for sport, fitness & strength training and have been actively involved in these areas since childhood.

Having been born in England, both have for many years now called Australia home. After many adventures frequently travelling the globe, exploring cultures and immersing themselves in the strength and fitness scene in each Country, Miles & Max decided to settle in Australia. Miles & Max’s family have a long and stepped heritage in the UK in the manufacture and installation of premium strength and fitness equipment, who have been market leaders for over a decade. Armed with this heritage, knowledge, passion and energy for this industry, Miles & Max founded RECON.

Miles & Max’s obsession for training and competition, combined with their extensive knowledge, skills and perfectionist attitudes, forms the backbone to RECON. Miles and Max have extensively researched and tested hundreds of pieces of equipment from virtually every brand, creating an extensive tool kit from which to innovate and develop cutting edge and market leading products. Each and every RECON product is custom designed with the highest quality materials for precision performance and durability.

At RECON, our goal is to maintain authenticity to who we are and what we stand for, with our mantra to maintain a laser focus on designing, manufacturing and installing the world’s best strength and fitness equipment. Miles and Max personally guarantee a commitment to the highest quality of craftsmanship and performance. RECON products are built to last.

The RECON mission is to build a community where we can share our knowledge and experiences to help others pursue their own fitness journey and goals. We provide exceptional customer service underpinned by care and respect for every individual customer who’s side we stand by for a lifetime.

Please feel free to get in touch and have a chat – TEAM RECON!